Blog – darkness – fighter

Today has been a struggle, within an hour of being awake I felt overwhelmed. The final countdown begins to an event that is really occupying my mind and work is seeming to be on course for another chaotically busy week.

The anxiety I felt yesterday developed into something more significant, so I’ve already been dealing with the anxiety hangover today where I feel really tired and my mood is quite low.

I am lucky today that a good friend of mine took time to have a chat with me and that has really helped me focus. It is the start of stress awareness month, and I am very aware of my stress factors today.  Talking just helped me pull them out of my head as I have been struggling with journaling of late.

Gratitude and being aware of what you are grateful is so powerful.

I often say its ok not to be ok.  I am not ok – but, I will be.  Have belief in myself and I know my worth.  I know this is a medical condition and I am a fighter.  Even the strongest amongst us have their moments of doubt.

My light feels a little subdued today. The darkness I’ve talked about feels like it is growing in power.  Right now I am focusing on one step at a time.

Tomorrow is another day.

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