Blog: Darkness – the battle within


In the early hours of this morning the clocks went back, bringing British Summer time to an end for this year. Its a significant event as it very much puts us into winter mode, with a greater expectation of bad weather and dark days ahead.

Darkness can come in many forms – the physical state of no light or the feeling inside of us.  For many years I feel like I have battled a demon that lives inside of me.  This darkness told me I wasn’t good enough.  I’ve worked so hard to shackle my demon and find elements of happiness in my life.  I found my light.

Finding your light, finding your way and finding love – these are all things that can help keep the darkness at bay.

Its been a strange few weeks, in many ways the light shines so bright, but all the same anxiety is causing me quite a few issues. Since my Birthday in September I’ve struggled to write, I’m not sure why getting older has had a great effect on me – it seems to have fueled my writers block.  But I push on, writing helps me even if its not.

This isn’t my best work, I’ve struggled to blog and journal.  Beyond that I’ve got nothing. But I know it is there inside of me.

Life is supposed to be messy and we do not know what the future holds.  Sometimes we are hung up on distant events, right now it’s the next four days. Right now, I’ve got an anxiety spike that’s pulling me down.  It will pass.

I’m focusing on the light, letting it shine and push back this darkness. Its all I can do right now

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