Laugh out loud

Did you know laughing is good for you? It can make you feel better, and there is quite a lot of information to suggest a few laughs in the day can really pick you up.

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“For starters, laughter can benefit your physical wellbeing. The American psychologist William Fry, the father of gelotology, referred to laughter as ‘internal jogging’ for good reason: a recent study found that it had a similar effect as exercise on heart rate and heart-rate variability. Other physiological benefits of laughter include an enhanced immune system, muscle relaxation, and reduced blood pressure. One study of nearly 21,000 older adults found that those who laughed every day were less likely to have heart disease, compared with those who never or almost never laughed (although this study was cross-sectional, so it might be that healthier people are more likely to laugh regularly in the first place). In a study of individuals with Type 2 diabetes, those who watched a comedy film (rather than a boring lecture) showed decreased levels of prorenin in their blood, a protein involved in the onset of diabetic complications. And if you’re ever in physical pain, laughing might help: watching funny videos can increase your pain tolerance.”

So, you may just associate laughter with something that can help boost your mood, make you smile. It also has some great physical benefits too.

Head over to the full article “How to laugh more | Psyche Guides

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