MIDWEEK Wellbeing 28/10/2020


This is the first attempt at writing Midweek – which will probably evolve in purpose. At the moment it will stand sepreate to the Better Days blog, it may form links or updates about the work I’m doing. We shall see.

Midweek is where we are long past the weekend, and over the hump of the week as we start moving towards the weekend. But for me Midweek also a time not to forget. We often say I cannot wait until the weekend (me included), but wishing away Midweek should be challenged. Life is short, and you only live once. Using the time at Midweek to find time to do something that brings you joy will help give you a midweek boost, and will possibly enhance your journey though to the weekend we are all craving.

MIDWEEK Links and articles

  • 33 ways to be a better friend.  Read here
  • Does a job need to be meaningful?.  Read here
  • Want a boost to your happiness? Check out Action for Happiness (smile)

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