Blog: Spring Cleaning


I recently had a hacking incident, and without going into the details, I decided to change my phone number to help me move forward safely from this. This blog isn’t about cyber security, but a good reminder to be as safe online as we can be!

The change of my number happened quite rapidly when I contacted my mobile network provider. I had not quite contemplated just how significant this was. Not only had I secured some personal contact details, I realised no one was able to contact me directly. I found this reality to be quite liberating.

Those 11 digits that form a phone number are tied into so many areas of life. With changing my number, many things had to change.
I realised I had a huge opportunity to take back control in life. Only people I choose to share my number with will continue to be able to contact me. After so long with the same number, people in life have come and gone. It was a great opportunity to spring clean in life.

Our phone numbers get used for everything from getting online, shopping, medical appointments to connecting socially. Some of these things add positively to our wellbeing, but not all contacts are ones we choose to have.

You cannot stop change, it’s a constant in life and can be difficult to control. People that once added value to life can become toxic and the amount of unwanted contact can be overwhelming.

I feel grateful for my new phone number. Typing that feels odd to express gratitude for a phone number. Sounds cheesy doesn’t it?
I now have more control on who I socially interact with, whilst also phasing down those I no longer wish to have a direct ability to reach me (including marketing stuff!).

It has been a liberating experience changing my number and doing some spring cleaning for my wellbeing.

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