Blog: Oh My Word


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

You might be familiar with that saying, it is one I often heard teachers say at school to reassure me/others when people were being nasty.  I think the idea is we were supposed to use that as a comeback when we were verbally abused.  The thing is, words do hurt. Words can actually hurt more than an accident or injury. Sometimes the body heals from an injury, but the injury of words can sometimes last a life time.

The way we talk to each other really does matter.  I’ve had accidents and injuries in my life time, the majority of which have healed. I’ve also endured many verbal attacks in my life. Some of these have healed, but others have caused severe injury.

The way we talk to each other really does matter. A little kindness and compassion can go a long way. You don’t have to particular like someone to be civil and decent to someone.

In modern society we seem to have many labels. I am not a big fan of labelling, but I accept it helps us to self identify and speak constructively for the most part too. Opinion often comes into this too. We all have our opinions, but we cannot expect others to live their lives by our opinions. We have to let each individual make their choice as to how they live. This seems to me to be a difficult concept for some to accept. It often seems to lead to disapproval and judgemental language when someone does not live their life by the standards we think they should. But, its ultimately none of our business. Just be you and shine.

Words matter. Words can save a life. Someone could be near breaking point. Your words can change that too. You don’t have to have all or any answers. Just let the person speak and express themselves. That can be life changing.

Words matter. And so do you.

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