Blog: What is normal?

I remember a conversation I had with my dad more than 10 years ago, my Mum was in the hospital just for a day routine surgery. I called my dad at lunchtime for any updates on my mum, but he hadn’t heard anything at that point. He told me he was struggling to relax and be feeling tense all day. Just recalling this conversation reminds me how lucky I was grow up with a good relationship with my family. Speaking ro my dad about feelings, emotions ans stuff that was bothering me what’s “normal” in my house. The emphasis from my parents was to focus on being happy, whatever that looked like.

I realise I’m lucky, because many male children are often unable  to speak with their dads about feelings and emotions. Society often tells us that to do so is not masculine. It is not seen as normal (to some) for men to speak about feelings and emotions. But I have to ask, what does normal even mean?

I think everyone is unique and has their own individual quirks. I recently read something that defined “normal” as everyone is a weirdo; we just have instances where quite a few people do the same weird thing. I find that quite an interesting way to define normal.

I hope one day we reach a place in this world where we c  normalise talking about mental health, in the same way we can talk about physical health.

I hope we can break down stereotypes that stop people from talking about what they are feeling and their emotions.

One day, we will get there. One step at a time.

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