The mental health journey for transgendered individuals


I’ve written about the importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and it’s link to our wellbeing. Over at IDONTMIND there is an excellent article about the mental health journey of trans people. The article explores the changes that occur internally when someone transitions.

This article is available over at the IDONTMIND website.

Here is a short extract from this article.

“I was born a female on May 15th 1993, and I sit here today a man who has fought more thoughts than people. Although the physical changes of a transition are not to be overlooked, the mental health component is almost overpowering.

 The darkness I went through was pitch black, no light at the end as far as I could tell. When you have no clue who you are, it’s hard to see. It is hard to want to push forward.

The discovery came unexpectedly, as big discoveries often do.”

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