Blog: In a moment like this


Hello All

I hope you’re all well. I am at Europa Point, which is the most southerly point of Gibraltar. From here you can see Morocco, Ceuta and Tarifa. Some stunning views from here, as well as the Rock of Gibraltar.

I just wanted to take a moment out to take in the view, feel the sea breeze and stop.

 Taking a moment to stop and take in your surroundings is great for your mental health. It can be very calming and if practiced on a regular basis, can help build your resilience to stress.

To give it a try just stop for a minute… step away from any technology and just take on your surroundings. Judy think about what you can hear, see and smell. Let your mind wonder for a few seconds. Be in that place, be in that moment.

If you can do this on a regular basis, you can build a defence against stress.

Give it a try today:

Where about are you?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you see?

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