Blog: Go with gratitude


I’ve had a couple of weekend away recently. One took me to somewhere new, and this weekend has taken me to an area I love. I know the area well and have many memories linked to this area.

I am currently writing this at Rievaulx abbey in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. I’m away at my family’s caravan… as I have done many times over the last 24 years!

I am grateful to be here, exploring in familiar areas and I’ve been thinking of good times with my Dad too.

I say it a lot. Recognising what you are grateful for is really good for your wellbeing. Try spending a minute each day thinking of something you are grateful for. Today I am grateful for my Dad and the man he was. And I am grateful to be outdoors getting some fresh air.

My day will take me onto Rievaulx terrace, a beautiful place with a stunning view of the valley.

I will also be doing a walk in the moors to visit the place where we scattered my Dad’s ashes . It will be nice to go and say hello.

As much as I miss my Dad, I am so grateful for the time we had as a family.

I am spending this day in loving memory, not in sadness.

Go with gratitude.

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