Always Too Hard on Yourself?

Self deprecation achieves nothing but making yourself feel rubbish, yet it is something many people do on a regularly in life. Some people are hard on themselves even when receiving praise and feedback. If this sounds familiar you might find the following article to be useful.

Here is an extract from the course

“If your child, partner, or close friend told you they were struggling with something, how would you respond? Odds are, you’d take the time to listen and find a way to show you care. Compassion, or the concern for other people’s misfortune, is an important part of any relationship — and if you’re close with someone, it’s fairly easy to do. So why does it feel so counterintuitive to show that same compassion to yourself when you need it?”

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  1. ljb2 says:

    We tend to lack faith in our abilities and no realise we have a higher power. “I’m inclined to believe that our higher power is when we choose to focus on what’s happening and do what’s needed as opposed to what is it that I am feeling.”


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