Talking To Your Boss About Mental Health

Our wellbeing includes our mental health. For many of us, it can be difficult to open up about a mental health issues – particularly in the work place. If an employee was physically sick or injured, it would very likely be raised with the individual’s line manager – and likely there would be little in the way of stigma for doing so. The same cannot be said for Mental Health. Many people do struggle to talk about their mental health, and when its come to the workplace it can be quite tricky.

I read a great article with things to consider when talking to your Line Manager about your mental health – you can read it here.

Here is a short extract from the article

“concerned about your work stress levels after 18 months of pandemic-related job craziness? Maybe you needn’t be. If their open LinkedIn posts are to be believed, business leaders are falling over themselves to express empathy with our feelings of burnout, redundancy anxiety, social alienation and fear of the Covid-19 virus itself.”

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