How to Create a Soundtrack for Your Life

It is no big secret that I’m not doing so great at the moment. But one way I have been coping through the last few weeks is music and singing. Sound, finding comfort in it, is really good for my mental health. I recently read an interesting article on creating a sound track to fit with your life.

This really resonates with the way I’ve been coping. And more widely, I do have a number of varied sound tracks (on Spotify) that are suitable for different moods. Music helps me cope, I find comfort in sound and singing (badly on Singstar) helps me to emote when I am struggling to get my emotions out.

Have a read here: How to Create a Soundtrack for Your Life | The Art of Manliness

Here is an extract from the article

“The soundtrack of a movie can really help make a film, deepening the anxiety of suspense, heightening the glory of victory, magnifying the heartache of tragedy, and accenting the protagonist’s change of course. Daniel Day-Lewis’ leap into a waterfall in The Last of the Mohicans wouldn’t be as dramatic without Trevor Jones’ score swelling in the background, nor would Kevin McCallister’s reunion with his mom at the end of Home Alone without John Williams’. The takeoff of jets has never felt so badass, nor physical training so thumotic, as when synchronized with “Danger Zone” and “Gonna Fly Now,” respectively. Whether the soundtrack for a film is comprised of original compositions, or collections of well-known pop songs, the music adds an essential element of texture and emotional salience to the storytelling.

It has always been so. The earliest “silent” films weren’t actually silent at all, but rather accompanied by live music provided by in-theater orchestras and organists. Even before the dawn of modern cinema — way, way before — singing choruses added dramatic depth to the tragedies of the ancient Greeks.”

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  1. ogaraderrick says:

    This is great,
    I have a few playlists for different tasks and still creating more.


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