Blog: I went for a run

Right now I should be away on holiday, but the lockdown has seen those plans cancelled.  But best not to dwell on what is not possible and bring myself into the moment. Time for me to look at what I can control.

The new lockdown has made me determined to keep up my fitness regime. For me this lockdown feels a little trickier as have shorter days and colder weather.  There is no finishing at work at 5 and going for a five mile walk in the evening sunshine.

This weekend I went for my first run since April 2018.  I woke up determined to get outdoors.  I do a lot of walking, and I felt in the mood to do something different. I had been editing a page on the Better Days Wellbeing website where Danny had written about running during lockdown. That was the inspiration I needed to make that decision, I was in lockdown, it wasn’t raining and I wanted to be outside. I put on my shoes and got myself out there.

I knew this run would be a little tough, and I also didn’t know how well my old trampolining injuries would fair with this.  But I decided to try. The great thing here was I could step out the door, and be off.  No travel and no restrictions.

I managed 2.2 miles in around 30 minutes.  This was not a race, nor was it meant to break any personal records.  But for my first run in two and half years, I was pretty pleased with the result.  I was also very tired afterwards too.  I really enjoyed upping the intensity for this workout, something I was desiring to do.

After the run, I finished off with 35 minutes on the punchbag, something more in my comfort zone, but also one of my favourite exercises.

The real test was Sunday and how it would make me feel.  Well I felt better than expected, and I went for a long walk, followed by a long ride on my spin bike.

Tonight, I am going for a run after work.  Lets see where this one takes me.

What are your experiences of starting a new sport or exercise? I’d love to hear your experiences.  I’ll be sharing more of my fitness stories soon.

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