Blog: Don’t always be productive


“I am feeling really bad, I have achieved nothing productive today” (followed by an array of negative emojis)

That was the status of a Facebook friend yesterday. She was genuinely feeling guilty as she had achieved nothing.

My answer was “Why? Do you actually need to achieve anything productive today?” 

My friend had just returned from an overseas holiday and had a day before returning to work.  Tired from travel and jetlag, she had been tired, but stressed herself out from the guilt of doing nothing productive. Yet resting up before returning to work is about the most productive thing she could have done.

My point is, don’t force yourself to do stuff all the time.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is just stop, be yourself and just exist as you. Let go of that guilt.  If you stress about it, you won’t relax and force yourself into negative emotions. Negative thoughts are overwhelming in the short term, and even worse long term.

Do yourself a favour, do nothing for an hour this weekend and be totally guilt free about it.

I should have been going on holiday this weekend and off all next week. But thanks to lockdown 2.0 its illegal for me to travel. Annoying? Yes, out of my control? Yes. Faced with a week off stuck at home, I postponed my plans and rebooked for July. But that still leaves me living alone, in isolation. I’m not beating myself up to start doing extra things just  because of lockdown.

In the original lockdown (starting to sound like a bad film with a sequel) so many people pushed themselves to do so much extra: zoom parties, new sports, new hobbies, home improvements.  Mainly I was just keeping my head above water and living my life the best way I could.  I had no capacity for extras, and I did not once feel guilty for that.

So if you are a little bit low or down about being lockdown as I am, don’t let anyone push you to do more than you want to.  And if you want to do sweet nothing – great! And let go of the guilt.

Yes lockdown sucks, but something are out of our control.  I should be finishing my packing this evening and heading to the airport.  Instead I’m going to be watching films in bed with a glass of red wine and the cats.  Not how I had planned my Friday, but so much in life is out of control. No one is going to make me feel guilty for not doing extra as its lockdown time.

Stay healthy and safe – but also guilt free about having time to yourself.

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