Feeling Stressed? Try Mindfulness


4 November is stress awareness day. We all have a relationship with stress, but the impact of this is varied. Some of us have a higher tolerance level to stress. How we deal with it also varies.

The charity for civil servants has one of the best wellbeing sites I’ve seen on the intranet. Not just for civil servants, there guidance is well worth anyone reviewing.

Check out their latest article on stress awareness day here: https://www.foryoubyyou.org.uk/helping-each-other/news-publications/news/feeling-stressed-try-mindfulness?utm_source=The%20Charity%20for%20Civil%20Servants&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=11932349_FinCap04-11-Stress-Day&utm_content=FinCap04-11-Stress-Day%20-%20Blog&dm_i=FW3,73R25,W8FBDR,SPTOQ,1

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