Blog: Here we go again!


I gave myself a timeout on Sunday, a storm hit and I was feeling rather burnt out. I spent the day in bed with my cats watching horror films. This was still productive time… time to myself doing something I enjoy, whilst allowing me to relax too.

I woke on Saturday to the news of the lockdown announcement coming that evening. The new lockdown and the size of it’s impact will be different for each of us, but there is one thing I do know – we are all in this together. I cannot imagine many people relish the idea of returning to lockdown.

Lockdown is something to be endured. This is completely out of our control. Now is a great time to start focusing on what we can control in life. We cannot change the fact a lockdown is coming, is out of our control. Therefore I am going to focus on what I can influence in my life.

I am going to bring myself into the here and now

  • I am employed
  • I am safe at home
  • All I am being asked to do is stay home
  • There will always be better days ahead

There will always be better days. Its my belief there will be better days ahead, its why both my blog and my wellbeing website use this name.

The way the lockdown impacts wil be different. For me, my holiday to Gibraltar next week got cancelled on Thursday, which prompted me to book a last minute trip to Lanzarote. Within 24 hours that became impossible, as the new lockdown prevents overseas travel for holidays by law. This is frustrating, but I will be ok, there are better days ahead.

I’m just gonna finish off today by reminding you, we are all in this lockdown together. All we are being asked to do is stay safe, stay home and help our NHS. Its not war time, but it needs us to unite again.

Stay safe, I’ll be posting more messages and support around lockdown as we move forward.

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