Sleeping in a heatwave


Now that summer has arrived in the UK, it can get pretty hot (well, by British standards). Summer here can also bring heatwaves where the temperature can really high for a short period.

Sleep is critical for our health, both physical and mental. The high temperatures of heatwaves can often impact our ability to get good quality sleep.

Head over to the T3 website for a great article looking at tips to sleep well in a heatwave.

Here is a short extract from the article

“The UK is set for a heatwave, and while the opportunity to shed some layers and head to the park with an ice lolly is welcome, it’s not so much fun when it comes to dropping off at night. Sleeping in a heatwave is rarely easy – especially if you’ve got a window that gets the sun in the afternoon and turns your bedroom into an oven – but there are some tricks to employ that can help.”

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