Depression: Don’t ignore it

When we experience a form of mental ill health, we do not always know what is going on. In the same way we can have symptoms with a physical illness, sometimes we need to recognise something doesn’t seem right and seek medical or further assistance for that. So when it comes to our mental health, don’t ignore the signs if something doesn’t feel right.

I wanted to point you to a great article over at the Harvard Medical School on this topic. Its quite useful on the topic of recognising the signs of depression.

I have experienced this first hand. In 2018 I fell into quite a serious depression, but for quite a long time I wouldn’t admit to myself that something was wrong. It started with a general low mood, but after a couple of weeks it became more serious. It took me having physical symptoms from my depression for me to acknowledge something was not right. It was from that point I could start to deal with it.

I’m not going to go further into my own experience in this post, I just wanted to highlight to listen to your body. Physical or mental health, your body can give you signs of what is going on. Listen to your body. Seeking help for or addressing a mental health concern is not a sign of weakness.

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  1. I agree that seeking help when you are struggling is important and shouldnt be considered a bad thing! Thanks for sharing!


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