Science Of Happiness

Good vibes only.

Live, love and laugh.

A couple of phrases we often here in modern day life. You only live once? That is also true.

We hear alot about the importance the of our happiness and how we should focus on it. But what about the science behind Happiness?

Head over to a great article at the HuffPost.

Here is a short extract:

“Brendan Kelly has written a bloody useful book. Because seriously… what’s more important than the science of happiness? Who wants to be a depressed Ferrari collector or an ungrateful yacht owner? As much as those people sound like walking oxymorons they are unfortunately far more common than most realise. The fact that these scrooges should take notes from stoked and smiling kids across less fortunate regions of the world, who seemingly find joy in life’s simplicity, shows us just how little our preconceived notions tell us about happiness. 

There’s no simple remedy for happiness. You can’t buy it. Unless you’re an innocent child innately thrilled with life, you need to build it.

Using years of data from various research projects, and anecdotal evidence from a cast of historic sages that include the Dalai Lama, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Lao Tzu, and numerous modern writers and researchers, Kelly compiles a list of facts and theories around what makes human beings happy. “

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