Constant craving: how digital media turned us all into dopamine addicts


The Guardian covers the topic of digital wellbeing in the following article:

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Her book must be very interesting. I found the book “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport helpful and eye-opening as well!

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  2. Алёна says:

    We experience a hike in dopamine in anticipation of doing something as well as when we do the thing itself, which makes us want to continue doing it. As soon as it’s finished, we experience a comedown or dopamine dip. That’s because the brain operates via a self-regulating process called homeostasis, meaning that “for every high, there is a low,” says Lembke. In this comedown state, “we really want that second piece of chocolate or to watch another episode,” she says, but if we’re not severely addicted, the craving soon passes.


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